About Project

The aim of this
site is to correct our people, Serbs and friends, especially Jews and Roma
remind the big events for our nation bloody 20th century.

Our nation has paid excessive prices. He was subjected to forced religious and
ideologies, culturocide, ethnocide ... and the pogrom. On
ethnic areas established
humiliating course, killed 100 of our
innocent people, civilians, for the
оne occupation of a deceased enemy soldiers. Various crimes were carried out to the highest of crimes with all the characteristics of genocide in violent formed
NDH in concentration
“Jasenovac” in which, in the period 1941-45 killed 710,000
Serb civilians of
all ages
, including around 110.000 children. Ethnic structure
has been changed violent. In many areas we are killing, expulsion and baptism
than from majority translated into the national minority.

If we forget this, we committed crime to ourselve!