ŠUŠNJAR - Sanski Most, August 1941.

The slaughter in Šušnjar  is a name for  mass crimes against Serbian civilians in early August 1941, in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, committed by Ustasha units (Volunteers in the Croatian army in the time of the Independent State of Croatia ) and members of the Muslim police, loyal  to coat lieder Anta Pavelic.

In the terrible massacre that occurred on the day of St. Elijah on August 1 and 2, 1941, the village of ŠuŠnjar, in Sanski Most, killed 5,500 Serbs and 40 Jews. Scientific teams in recent years have estimated that more than 7,000 people go to the brunt of the death of  Serb victims.

Until recently, this horrific massacre was not widely known; the Yugoslav communist authorities did not want to talk about the criminals and violate the "brotherhood and unity" that laid the foundation of socialist Yugoslavia.

It was an official excuse, and a good reason for this was due to the signed agreements between the Communists and the Ustasha movement before the Second World War, on a joint struggle to demolish the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. So the communist leadership of new formed  Yugoslavia, DR and after FNR Yugoslavija,  cannot be amnestied by the fact that it is the concealment of this great crime.

Just because of that terrible massacre in 1941, the national structure of the population was radically changed. Today, 78 years after, only 12,000 Serbs and 80 Jews are missing on this basis in Sanski Most.