Our nation is in a millennium fighting for their ideals and European culture, indebted Europe, North America and a good part of the rest of the world. He deserves honor and respect. In the 19th century we are liberated from the tyranny of the Ottoman centuries of colonization which stopped our free development. A significant part of our nation forcibly changed religion and nationality.

In the early part of the twentieth century, our nation is liberated from the Austro-Hungarian yoke under which is again a part of our nation is forced to change his religion and nationality.

Instead recognition awards or satisfaction, just after colonial liberation in the 20th century, our nation has paid excessive prices. The rest of our people is brought to the situations to confront with their relatives which change their identities. Was exposed to various external aggressions torture, forced change of religion, ideology, and forced changing social order, ethnocide, genocide and confiscation of territory. In 4 of us major war conflicts, we and our friends, members of other peoples, such as Jews, Gypsies ... experienced the horrors.

On our ethnic temporarily occupied, venues was retrieved by then unprecedented "inter-national-course value" - is murdered 100 of our innocent people, civilians for 1 a deceased enemy occupation troops.