December 7, 1991 - A horrible unpunished crime in Zagreb

It is a crime that clearly speaks of the criminal intentions of the so-called "Croatian separatist democrats", towards the Serbs as a constituent people of the FR of Croatia, and the SFRY.

That crime happened on December 7, 1991 - the brutal murder of the Serbian family Zec from Zagreb The Zec family was a prominent Serbian family in Zagreb.

Mihajlo Zec was a successful butcher in Zagreb, and his wife Marija ran a
café. Threats to the Zec family by Croatian ultra-rightists began even before the break-up of the SFRY in 1990.

That fateful day. members of the reserve police raided the house of the Zec family and killed Mihajlo Zec (38), his wife Marija (36) and their twelve-year-old daughter Aleksandra. Survivors are daughter Gordana and san Dušan Zec, who hid in the house and thus escaped the killers of their parents and sister. So this is a crime with the blessing of the state.

Mihajlo was killed in the yard during the arrest because he allegedly tried to escape the killers, who then took his wife and daughter to the mountain shelter of the "Adolfovac" home, on Sljeme and killed them there. Shortly afterwards, members of Mercep's unit - Munib Suljic, Igor Mikola, Sinisa Rimac, Nebojsa Hodak and Snezana Zivanovic - were arrested, some of whom confessed to the murders
before the investigating judge.

According to them, they wanted to arrest Mihajlo because of alleged connections with Krajina Serbs. After killing the mother and daughter, they covered their bodies with garbage. A few days after the brutal murder, Marija's brother Zlatko Mesić, who was also a member of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, found the bodies.

The killers were never held accountable for the crime, although they confessed to it
a few days later before an investigating judge. The confession was declared invalid, because it was taken without the presence of a lawyer.
Despite this and many other crimes, during the separatist process, the Republic of Croatia, according to the authorities in the EU, fulfilled the conditions in terms of respect for human rights, and as a seceded republic of Yugoslavia, became a full member of the EU !?