International commission for the truth on the Croatian system of concentration camps Jasenovac for the extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma.

Statement on the Jasenovac death toll:

Having studied more than a thousand books, articles, statements and documents and based on the results of forensic and anthropological excavations and explorations, The International Commission for the Truth on the Croatian System of Concentration Camps Jasenovac for the Extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma in the Second World War issues the following statement:

The estimates of the death toll in the Croatian System of Concentration Camps Jasenovac for the Extermination of Serbs, Jews and Roma made in many official documents and statements are either too high or too low. During the Second World War, Croatia’s officials and press presented the death toll in the Jasenovac camps as very high, claiming they had ‘solved’ the Jewish and Serb issue by killing more than 1,400,000 people. The archives of the German and Italian military intelligence recently made public confirm that this figure is inflated, stating the Croats could not have killed more than 700,000 people. Both the surviving inmates’ testimonies and the findings of professional forensic reports and of the excavation of the Jasenovac graves go along with this, estimating the death toll at between 700,000 and 800,000.

More recently, Croatia’s officials, researchers and curators of the Jasenovac Museum have made claims that the death toll is far lower than the above count, based on the fact they know the names and have information about fewer than 83,000 people. They remain silent on the fact people were burnt alive in caves, and fail to say how many corpses were boiled to make soap at a makeshift field soap factory, or how many victims were thrown into the Sava River. We know about hundreds of thousands of victims who were forced to march from their villages to the pits in Donja Gradina, where their necks were slit and their heads smashed with mallets, never even arriving at the camp. The Croat butchers and murderers competed against one another to show who amongst them would be the most efficient at killing people in a single night. There were many settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina about whose existence we know only thanks to the 19th-century data collected by the Austrians, as the Croats erased their populations, burnt their houses and removed all traces of habitation in the meantime.

The International Commission acknowledges the fact no one will ever be able to calculate the exact number of the people killed at Jasenovac, but the available data says that more than 700,000 Serbs were murdered, along with 23,000 Jews and approximately 80,000 Roma. The Croats killed these unfortunate people only because they were Orthodox Christian Serbs or Jews or Roma. Croatia was the only country that had special concentration camps for little children. The names of more than 30,000 children along with other information have been collected to date. Croatia was the only country where the victims were brutally tortured before they were executed.

The efforts made by researchers and institutions to collect information about the victims are genuine and positive, but there is little chance they will result in complete evidence.

It is the conclusion of the International Commission for the Truth about the Croatian System of Concentration Camps Jasenovac for the Extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma that the death toll at this camp was more than 700,000 Serbs, over 23,000 Jews and approximately 80,000 Roma killed by the Croats.

Banja Luka, 27 April 2009
President of the International Commission for the Truth about Jasenovac,
Prof. Dr  Srboljub Zivanovic,

All reports and all discussions and comments from these conferences have been published in several books in Serbian and English.

The Vatican was well informed about everything that is happening in the Ustasha Croatia, not only because the Catholic clergy sent regular reports to the Pope, but also because the Pope had there his personal representative. The representative of Pope Pius XII was the papal legate, Monsignor Marcone, who was accredited by the Ustasha government and Pavelic

Personally, I as a member of the Russian anthropologists excavated mass graves of Croatian victims of crimes against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies at Jasenovac on the left bank and Donja Gradina on the right bank of the Sava River. Then I had the opportunity to see for myself the terrible crimes committed by Croats, Roman Catholics and Muslims. At an earlier meeting in New York, the International Commission for the Truth about Jasenovac, under the chairmanship of Professor Bernard Klein from the United States announced that the United States have over 1,400 names of Roman Catholic priests from Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina who have personal slaughtered, raped, tortured, forcibly christened etc. Serbs, Jews and Gypsies during World War II. The International Commission for the Truth about Jasenovac has a slightly smaller number of collected data about Roman Catholic priests, criminals and murderers. A total of 1171 collected name.

Prof. Dr  Srboljub Zivanovic