SARAJEVO, Baščaršija - Bloody Wedding, March 1, 1991

Criminal and the killer Ramiz Delalić Ćelo, a member of Alija's Iizetbegovic  Green Berets, and his team of criminals, attacked Serbian wedding guests in front of the Old Orthodox Church (Temple of the Sacred Architects of Gabriel  and Mikhail ) in order to seize their Serbian flag, because, in his opinion, the Serbian flag should not was at  Baščaršija in Sarajevo. Serbian wedding guests refused to give a flag, Ramiz Delalić took out a pistol and killed his groom's father, Nichola Gardovic. On that occasion, Radenko Mikovic, a priest, was wounded. After that they set the flag on fire. The Serbs considered this act at the beginning of the war, and the same night they raised barricades in Sarajevo and other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The wedding of Milan Gardovic and Diana Tambur was performed at 14.30 on March 1, 1992 year, in the temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord, in the village of Pofalici. Municipality of Novo Sarajevo. The wedding was done by priest Voja Čarkić. After the wedding, the wedding guests went to Dom Sent Tekla in the courtyard of the Old Orthodox Church in Baščaršija, where they were waiting for the wedding lunch. Since traffic for passenger cars in the center of Sarajevo is one-way and parallel with tram traffic, the wedding guests walk from the church at Pofalici to the Old Church, passed through the streets of Vojvoda Putnik and the Obala Vojvode Stepe, to the City Hall, where the closest parking was located a hundred meters away Old church. The wedding column in passenger cars consisted of about 100 wedding guests. After parking cars at the City Hall, the wedding guests walked to the Old Church.

In the immediate vicinity of the entrance of the wedding column in the courtyard of the Old Church, beside the wedding guests, a white passenger vehicle of the "Volkswagen Golf" brand, which contained four criminals, was stopped, among which Ramiz Delalić, called Ćelo. Four criminals led by Ramiz Delalić came out of the car "Volkswagen Golf" and turned to the groom's father, Nikola Gardović, who was in charge of the barracks in the wedding column. Ramiz Delalic tried to take away the old flag, the flag of the Serbian Orthodox Church (a tricolor with a cross), to the old bartender, or to the barracks, Nikolic Gardovic, after which there was a stir in the wedding column. After that, Ramiz Delalić, called Ćelo, opened fire from a pistol, and mortally wounded the groom's father, Nikola Gardović, while his accomplice was wounded by the priest SPC Radenko Mirović (groom's son-in-law). Immediately after the opening of the fire, the criminals escaped with the flag of the Serbian Orthodox Church they burned with. Nikola Gardovic died of wound infections a few minutes later in an ambulance.

In addition to the perpetrator of the murder, Ramiz Delalić, known as Celo, witnesses as attackers and accomplices of the attack, murder and wounding, recognized Suad Šabanović from Zvornik and Muhamed Švrakić, son of the founder of Green Berets, Emin Švrakić. The fourth attacker is Taib Torlaković, who, like Ramiz Delalić Ćelo, was killed in a mob account in Sarajevo after the war. Ramiz Delalic, immediately after the start of the war in Sarajevo, became the commander of the 9th Muslim Mountain Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from Alija Izetbegovic received a pistol with a dedication.

On that day, most US media, mockingly or maliciously, announced that the Serbs fired at Muslim wedding guests and killed their groom's father.
The film was shot in the Muslim part of Sarajevo in which Ramiz Delalic confesses this crime, and calls it "a Muslim patriotic act".