SILOS (Tarcin), May 11, 1992 - January 27, 1996

The Silos camp was a concentration camp for Serbs managed by the, so called. Army of BiH, from 1992 to 1996.

The "Silos" camp was in the pre-war grain silo in the village of Tarcin, the municipality of Hadzici. The  concentration camp was opened on May 11, 1992, and closed on January 27, 1996.

About 600 Serbian civilians were detained in the camp, of which 24 died from the consequences, beatings, torture and lack of hunger food.

It was closed only two months after the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Organizers and Orderers:

  • Mustafa Dyelilovic, President of Hadžići Municipality; Hujic Becir, called "Beca", the village of Ljubovcici, Pazaric, otherwise a guard in the Sarajevo Central Prison. Director of the "Silos" camp since the founding, until August 1994;
  • Halid Covic, village Binjezevo, Hadzici, or retired guard of the Sarajevo Central Prison. Until August 1994, the deputy, and since 1996, until his detention, the camp manager;
  • Sherif Meshanovic, called "Shera", otherwise retired guard of the Sarajevo Central Prison one. One of the Director's assistants;
  • Nedzad Einadzic, Commander of the 1st Sarajevo Corps;
  • Tufo Refik, known as "Refo", village Duranovici, Hadzici, retired policeman, from the beginning of the war, commander of the Tarcin police, led the action of arresting Serbs from the Hadžic area and taking them to the Silos concentration camp.